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Thank you for taking an interest in this one-of-a-kind hand painted line

 Diana CusumanoAs a second generation Italian-American who loves to cook and has to have the latest gadgets and great serving pieces in my kitchen, twenty five years ago I was looking for beautiful, interesting pieces to contain olive oils and different kinds of vinegars and food.  In addition, I LOVE the classic motifs of grapes and olives.  There is something so elegant about serving foods on tableware with these designs.

Not finding anything I liked, I decided to create my own.  Thus, I have two design motifs: the olive motif of The Olive Fantasy line and the grape motif of The Grape Fantasy line.  As you know, both of these are classic motifs and will not go out of style.

There are no decals used.  Each and every piece begins on a blank and so is unique.  The items are oven baked to hard set the bas relief finish.  I ask that foods not be stored in dishes in which the food will stay in contact with the paint, as some “acidic” foods will “eat” the paint, especially balsamic.  Though you can top-rack dishwasher clean the dishes; to protect the finish, I recommend that ALL my hand painted items be hand washed.

I am able to “personalize” many of the bottles and dishes.  Please contact me if you want further information about this.  I may also be able to give you a price break on many of the items if you order in quantity, perhaps for wedding or shower gifts.

There are many larger pieces in my inventory from Portuguese and Italian porcelain lines.  If you are planning on creating a vignette of these pieces, especially with the grape motif, and want all match, be sure to ASK THAT ALL THE PIECES MATCH.  Unless there is a special request, there will Not be an absolute match in color with any of the items.Diana Cusumano in her workshop

I know that the Orient is flooding the market with decaled items in the olive and grape motifs.  Please know that I am very appreciative of those of you who know the value of “made in the USA” and “hand painted”.

I get such enjoyment in painting each item and I sincerely hope that you get the same enjoyment having the item in your kitchen or in gifting it to a friend.

Diana Niboli Cusumano